KEOK Show Schedule

Monday - Friday

6 - 7am Lou Kelly
7 - 10am The Morning Rush with Lou & Faith
10am - 3pm Mid-days with Barry Diamond
3 - 7pm Afternoons with Blake Turner
7pm - 12am More Music Nights with John Haynes


KTLQ Show Schedule

Monday - Friday

5 - 8am The Ralph Lynch Get Together
8 - 9am Tradewinds with Rex Spears
9am - 2pm Legendary Country with John Haynes
2 - 6pm Lou Kelly Show



Special Programming


The Sport Flash Mon-Fri 7:35 / 12:35 / 5:35
Nashville Music Minute Mon-Fri 8:35am / 6:35pm
Total Access Today (TMS) Mon-Fri 4:35pm
OSU Farm & Home Report Tuesday 5:30am
Fishing Report Friday 5:45am
Red Dirt Nation Radio Hour Saturday 10:00pm
Seven Sacred Church Sunday 7:30am
Cherokee Voices & Sounds Sunday 8:00am
Cherokee Phoenix Radio Show Sunday 9:00am
Community Chat Sunday 9:15am
Love Light Christian Center Sunday 10:00am
First Baptist Church Sunday 10:45am
Country Countdown USA Sunday 12-3pm
New Music Nashville Sunday 3:00pm
Texas Country Countdown Sunday 4 to 6pm
Red Dirt Nation Radio Hour Sunday 6:00pm



Total Access Today (TMS) Mon-Fri 4:45pm
NASCAR Today (MRN) Mon-Fri 6:35pm
Baxter Black on Monday Monday 9:35am
Monday Morning Refresher Monday 9:50am
OSU Farm & Home Report Tuesday 5:30am
Cherokee Voices & Sounds Wednesday 5:00pm
Community Chat Thursday 9:20am
Fishing Report Friday 5:45am
Hook and Hunt Show Saturday 5:00am
NASCAR Live (MRN) Saturday 7:00am
Home Country Saturday 8:00am
Total Access (TMS) Saturday 9:00am
Love Light Christian Center Sunday 8:30am
Cherokee Voices & Sounds Sunday 12:00pm
Seven Sacred Church Sunday 7:30pm


Other Programming

Fox News Minute at the top of each hour on KEOK & KTLQ

Local News with Mick Reed at 6am, 7am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm on KEOK & KTLQ

Weather with Staff Meteorologist Richard Hoseney all hours on KEOK & KTLQ      

High School Football on KEOK & KTLQ

NSU Football on KEOK

NSU Basketball on KEOK

High School Basketball on KTLQ & KEOK

OSU Football on KTLQ


Local Obituary Notices daily on KEOK & KTLQ

Special Features

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