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  Richard & wife Anna


Qualifications: Bachelor's of Science Degree from Mississippi State University, Member of the American Meteorological Society & the National Weather Association, 15+ years forecasting experience
Hometown: Como (ko-mo), Mississippi – about 45 minutes south of Memphis, TN & 45 minutes west of Oxford, MS

Raised on a farm in rural northwest Mississippi, my love for weather actually grew out of a necessity of needing to know what the weather was going to do in order to work that day. My aunt and uncle who lived in Tennessee were storm spotters and that piqued my weather interests even more, because I thought that would be an awesome thing to do.  By high school, I started following weather more intently, even going out with my video camera and taking footage of thunderstorms, lightning, clouds, whatever looked “cool”.  I was able to access weather information on the internet, and then tried to learn as much as I could.  My dad encouraged my weather interest by taking me to a storm spotting classes that were put on by the National Weather Service in Memphis, which really started my professional career path.

I wanted to learn more, so after graduating high school in 2000, I spent 2 years in community college.  After that, I transferred to Mississippi State University, where my major was Civil Engineering, with a minor in Meteorology.  After trying Calculus 2 three semesters in a row (with Calculus 3 and 4 and Differential Equations left to take), I realized that Civil Engineering wasn’t for me.  I did, however, really enjoy all of my meteorology classes, so I changed my major to Meteorology.  I did not regret this decision at all.  I was heavily involved in the production department of our local weather channel.  I operated graphics, served as director, producer, board operator, camera operator and audio technician.  During the summer of 2003 and 2004, I interned at WHBQ, the FOX affiliate in Memphis.  Among other things, I updated the weather graphics, ran the radar and forecasted with the approval of the chief meteorologist.  During May 2005, my class took a 2 week trip to the Great Plains for our Great Plains Storm Chase.  That trip was fun and I learned a lot from those two weeks.  I graduated in December of 2005 from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s Degree.

In January 2006, I met my wife, Anna, through a mutual friend.  We visited Anna's hometown, Tahlequah, a few times, and decided to move here in February of 2007.  We got engaged in November 2006 and were married October 17th, 2009 in Wagoner on Fort Gibson Lake. 

After moving to Tahlequah in 2007, I was immediately drawn to the radio station (I grew up listening to a local, family-owned country radio station) & came in & presented former general manager Ralph Lynch with my resume and let him know that I was more than willing to work.  He offered me a job as a board operator under the supervision of Mick Reed, who was working at KEOK at the time (he now works at our sister station, KTFX in Muskogee).  I still enjoy working as a board operator & production technician at Lakes Country Radio.  I am the “man back at the studios” for the football and basketball games, as well as operate the Sunday morning church services, and put in national advertisements that you hear all throughout the week.  I also help with the auctions, parades and anything else.

We have one dog, a german-shepherd / pit-bull / labrador mix named Pucca (poo-kaa) born in 2008.  I enjoy storm chasing, shooting video of storms, going on cruises, hunting, fishing, drag racing, car shows, gardening, cooking, grilling, watching college football and going to Lake Tenkiller & the Illinois River.

If you'd like to ask me any questions, or like me to speak at your school or event, please let me know!

-Richard Hoseney

Staff Meteorologist

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