Bids for Bargains / August Clearance Auction

You're always guaranteed a great deal!

(Item availability is subject to change without notice) 

Business Item Value
Morris Cragar Flowers $50 Flower Arrangement $50
KTK Steakhouse $25 Gift Certificate $25
A Bloom $50 Gift Certificate $50
The Branch $25 Gift Certficate $25
Stomping Grounds $10 Gift Certificate $10
Wheelhouse Kitchen $20 Gift Certificate $20
Wheelhouse Kitchen $10 Gift Certificate $10
Boom-A-Rang Diner $10 Gift Certificate $10
Thunderbowl 4 Pack Family Certificate (Two Games Excludes League Nights) $27.83
Cantina Bravo $10 Gift Certificate $10
Herman's Boot Repair $40 Shoe Repair $40
Katfish Kitchen $25 Gift Certificate $25
Cashmere Lane $50 Gift Certificate (Excludes Brighton Products) $50
Kawi Cafe $10 Gift Certificate $10


(Note - The above items cannot be exchanged for cash)

Item quantities to be announced the day of the Auction.

Leftover auction items are available on a first-come first-serve basis


How does the auction work?

Step 1 - Listen Saturday morning (8/10/19 and 8/17/19) starting at 9am on 102.1, 96.3, AM1350, or (slight delay on stream)

Step 2 - When bidding opens on the item you want, call 918-456-2511 and place your bid

Step 3 - The highest bid wins (items are always guaranteed to be below retail price)

Step 4 - Come to the station before 5pm on the following Friday, pay us (cash) and receive your certificate(s)

Step 5 - Take your certificate(s) to the business listed and use as directed



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